Cheating Partner

Trust issues and insecurities

If you had a dream where you or your partner is cheating, then it may mean that you have trust issues or you are insecure in your relationship and are constantly worried that you may be played upon. The dream doesn’t really suggest that in real life there is any cheating at all involved. But a deep look at your real life can help you understand your fears of trust.

Dreaming of infidelity can cause a stir in your emotions. It can often lead you into upset moods or worse pick a fight with your loved ones. Although it is a dream that has occurred in your sleep, it can lead you to doubt in reality. But the real life incidents are the reason why dreams of cheating happens to almost all of us. It is considered one of the top five dream themes that people all over the world have experienced. So relax and take a deep breath, you are not alone.

Sometimes if you are in a serious relationship or a marriage, then your expectations of spending time together is pivotal. If your partner is unable to be there for you in your regular routine perhaps due to busy work schedule or is continuously travelling, then you may feel neglected. Your mind starts playing in various directions and it may so happen that you start doubting your partner’s actions. Situations like these are reflected as being cheated in the dream. It can also happen that by your past experiences , you are always careful in your relationships, so far so that you do not trust them. This kind of thought process also can be reflected as being cheated in the dream.

Other way to analyse can be how you see yourself in real life. If you are insecure about your appearance, or your social status or your job or anything you are associated to makes you feel you are not worthy enough then you start doubting why would you deserve someone like your partner. Doubting yourself can also be reflected as cheating in your dream.

It can be your own fears of being abandoned, that can turn out to be played in your dream. Abandonment can be the result of deeply trusting someone who lets you down at some stage of your life, and this fear is very strongly instilled inside you. Therefore, when you are new in a relationship with someone, the fear starts surfacing such that it appears in your dream as being cheated.

This dream can happen to people who are in business or job where you have been underplayed by your competitor and has gained your dream position at work and you are shocked how you have been treated. This act of betrayal also can manifest in your dream as being cheated.

Imagine you have dreamt that you are the cheater in the dream, in this case it may not be something to do with your current relationships it could be your deep guild of something that you have been dishonest about in the past or have betrayed someone intentionally or not.

Dreams like these can happen may be due to your own sexual needs, if you feel you are unsatisfied physically, your subconscious mind is projecting what your real body needs in your dream.

Dreams of being cheated ultimately are loosely based of being cheated by your significant other in reality. It is normal to have dreams like these but you feel you need to explore the reasons then a good way to start will be a look at your real life incidents or your emotions or your past and how you feel about all the incidents.

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