A phase of transition

Seeing death in your dream may depict new beginnings in your real life. It could be a change in your life, or a transition from a certain phase, or it may imply that it's time to put an end to old habits

Death is the ultimate end to life. But death is pure and still. Hence, seeing death in your dreams may bring great amount of fear and panic in your real life. It can also be a nightmare for some. Be assured, it does not really mean that either your or someone is dying. And most certainly you need not worry. Dreaming of death is usually common, almost everyone would have seen it at some point in their life. To understand this dream, a closer look at your awake life can help you relate to the dream.

Death is considered to be a start to new beginnings or changes or transitions. It symbolizes death to your old self spiritually or to your habits, death to instances that you need to move out of. If you look at it, dreaming of death is a good sign actually. When you consider a human life cycle, it is filled with stages and changes from being a baby to a toddler to a kid to adolescence to adult to growing old, you don’t remain in one phase forever.

Dreaming of yourself dead symbolises transformation of yourself in real life. The transformation can be spiritual, you will be more aware of yourself. Consider that this dream may be manifesting that there can be changes in your awake life changes like moving to a new place, higher position at work, getting into a new relationship etc.,. You may have to be ready to analyse your real life and take it as an advantage and understand where in your awake life you can expect that change. Dreaming of yourself dead may also suggest that Something in your waking life needs your immediate attention which if not addressed now, may be harmful to you. Perhaps a better look at your health condition may be a good start.

Dreaming of someone as dead may depict that you need to put an end to some characteristics in your own real life. So when you dream of someone else it is some part of you that needs to be changed. A deeper look at your waking life can reveal those characteristics, like a bad relationship that has become bitter, a job that you don't enjoy, a habit that’s harming your life or it can be emotional like anger, hatred, lust etc.,. Alternatively, dreaming of someone else dead may also mean that your feelings for that person are dead. It can be your ex - partner, a relative, a friend or even a stranger. It is your dreaming mind that is reminding you to get past that person or some connections that are not healthy for you.

It can also be possible that you have seen your pet dying in your dream, the pet here may symbolise that you need to be cared and loved in your real life. It can also mean you are at the right stage in your life where you can make an impact. Suppose you have seen a baby or a child deceased in your dream, remember the child symbolises new beginnings and happiness. It may mean that it is time for you to be happy again and also look out for those opportunities that brings happiness in your awake life.

If you dreamt of someone taking their own life, then it may mean that you need to lead a more peaceful life, you need changes in your life that can relax you. Dreams of death should not be taken seriously to frighten your or panic you. However death in a dream symbolises change that is going to take place sooner or some aspect of your life needs to be changed. What is it that needs to be changed only a closer analysis of your daily life can disclose.

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