Failing Exams


Dreaming of exams usually depicts the anxiety you have in your real life. It may imply that you are unprepared or doubt your confidence in your performance about a job that may be quite demanding.

We all have seen dreams of taking tests but it certainly doesn't mean you are literally giving a test in real life. However, an exam can make many people nervous for reasons like being unprepared, low in confidence, fear of failing, fear of going blank when looking at the paper and perhaps the fear of being judged.

Almost everyone we meet want to achieve a set of goals in their lives. Because goals to some, motivates them to perform higher and when they do, they enjoy the adrenaline of being on the top of their game and the additional perks it brings along.

The anxiety comes in the process of getting to the top of the game. Whether you reach the goal or will you be a failure put pressure on you in the chain. And each one has a way of projecting it. Suppose you have dreamt that you have failed an exam, your subconscious mind may be telling you that may be you are not prepared for the job at hand or it could be that you need more preparation to get the best results. You may need to analyse what part of your job in your awake life you need to be more prepared.

Dreaming of taking a test can also symbolise you are not confident enough to perform the task in your real life. It may give you a chance to understand if this is the job you want to do. It may also reveal that you are most likely confused about your interest in the tasks of your daily life.

If you have dreamt that you are taking the test and you appear to be afraid of failing the test then it symbolises your fear of failing at a job or a test in your real awake life. This is a good opportunity for you to look at your awake life where you may think that you are put under test or some challenge that you think you are afraid you may fail in it. This can give you the understanding to approach the job in the right way.

Dreaming of taking test and failing in it may also symbolise that may be you have challenged yourself too much in real life. It can happen that you have taken up responsibilities in real life where you are aware of the risks and perhaps you don't own the skill or talent to do justice to it then the dream is reminding you to set your goals that you can out do.

If you dreamt of taking an exam then it can also mean that your fear of being judged. It can be a job or a test in your real life that you are going to take and are afraid that you will face criticism for not being able to meet the expectations can put you in stress. The dream may imply that expectations from family and friends or teachers are high on you and you are under the pressure to perform.

Dreaming of failing an exam may symbolise that you have set the bar high on your performance at the job or academics that you are afraid that you may fail yourself too. The dream is helping you to slow down and not be too hard on yourself.

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