Freedom from some situations

Dreaming of yourself flying usually symbolises liberated. It may signify that you have found that freedom from some situations in your real life that had captured you in someway.

When you see the birds flying in the sky, you see they look blissful, carefree and liberated, it may fascinate you how it must be to be set free in the sky and in the same manner imagine yourself flying. Dreams of flying are also similar in a way. They represent your fearlessness, liberation, cut loose from the emotional and social strings. Dreams of flying can be very exhilarating and amazing but scary also, the emotions you experience in the dream can explain how it is contextual in your real life. Also noting down the flight scene, direction of your flying whether upwards or downwards etc.can give deeper meaning to understand what the dream is conveying to you.

If you have dreamt that you are flying easily, you are happy and importantly you are able to control your sway than it may mean that you are in control of the situations in your life. It may also mean that you are happy that you got rid of some bondage that you have been held on, which is now released and you feel liberated. Also you need to notice how high were you flying in this case, if you are at a high altitude it may symbolise you are at the top of your game and you are well aware of how to manage things and people in your real life. If the height is of low altitude then it probably means you are just free and liberated from some relationship or job that you were not enjoying.

When you dream of flying in the sky it may represent that you are free from some kind of health condition that prolonged for a long time and now you realise it is been taken care of. It may also mean that you may have suddenly become free of a financial debt a loan perhaps and that has been cleared or about to be cleared and your mind is reminding you to be relieved of the stress. These kind of flying dreams may also symbolise of power. It may mean that you are capable of taking charge of real life situations than you thought you were capable of. In real life look for the situations that needs you to take charge and lead the situation.

In the dream when you fly it is something unfathomable for human beings to do, so it may mean that your subconscious mind is telling you that all the doubts and fears or reasons you have for facing a situation are temporary and it may mean that you are stronger than what you think and can be tough enough to lead and solve any hardships. It is just like a dream, where you are confident of flying which is fairly impossible and yet you do, so your subconscious mind is reminding you that you can do something that you think is achievable by you. The dream may also mean that you need to change your perceptions about certain people and challenges in your life. Flying dream can also imply that you may have to abandon or escape a certain situation in your real life which you may think is unjust for you.

Dreams of flying can be categorized into lucid dreaming where the person is in control of the dream. People who practise lucid dreaming are totally aware of the dream here in case they know the complete dynamics of flying, the air, the pressure everything, its as easy for them as if its breathing or cycling or something regular in your real life.

Dreams of flying however experienced, are some of the most enjoyable dreams, even for a brief moment the dream can make you happy. Besides that the flying dreams also give deep messages that are relatable to your awake life. How you perceive it depends on all the factors you experience in the dream.

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