Finding a new room

Discovery about self

Finding a new room may symbolise a new discovery about yourself, it may be a relationship or job or some aspect of your life. Different type of room (Kitchen, bedroom, basement etc.,) has different relevance, it is important to note what room you saw in the dream.

Houses and rooms are a part of our living, we rest, eat, cleanse, work and do almost everything in our houses. It’s a place where we live and belong to, in that context rooms of a house also explain the details of a house and each room is specific for only a certain activity like a kitchen is only specific to cooking meals, a bedroom is specific only for resting, a bathroom is specific for cleansing and so on.

Dreaming of houses symbolise your, ‘Self’. It is where you live, where your emotions live and where you feed your subconscious mind. Dreams often are the projections of your subconscious mind, whatever you want or wish in reality (which is probably unachievable) are all recorded into your subconscious mind. Therefore many a times you may see situations impossible in reality happen easily in your dream. Suppose you wish to live in a great bungalow and under your circumstances it may be impossible to achieve it, but in your dream you could be even living in it. Therefore when you wish or want for something in your awake life you are sending a message to your subconscious mind about it which is your ‘House’ or Self. In simple terms you decorate your House (or Self) with your thoughts or wishes or ambitions. And these are reflected in your dream. In that context, dreaming of rooms may symbolise an aspect of yourself and your personality or your emotions or relationships. Different rooms may signify different aspects of your conscious mind.

Dreaming of a house which you may or may not be familiar with and exploring entirely new room will surprise you in the dream and in real life too. It is unexpected. But dreaming of new room symbolises that there certain aspects of your personality that you can or may need to explore. If you dream that room is large, warm, neat and well kept, that may mean you are content with your life. But if the room is small and restricted then it may mean you are stuck in some aspect of your real life and you need to explore your strengths to handle yourself.

Sometimes discovering a new room in your dream may also mean that you need to discover you are perhaps ready for new responsibilities in your awake life. You need to be watching for the opportunities that come across you in your daily life. Also, you need to observe the furniture, layout and light etc., of the room in the dream these may symbolise your inner emotions that you are hiding from everyone. It is also possible that discovering new room in your dream may symbolise your hidden potential.

If you have dreamt that the room is empty without any furniture or any paint, it may mean that you have a new direction ahead of you in your real life. It may mean of a brand new start of a new phase in your real life. To dream of a room that is dark and the windows and the doors are completely shut, then it may mean that you are lonely and you may not want to be associated with anyone or you choose to be a recluse. If you see that you are constructing a new room or talking about it in your dream then it may mean that you are ready to expand your family or business in your real life. It may also mean that you are now capable of taking up new roles in your real life.

Hence, noting down on the details you see in the dream and putting down in a journal can be of great help in guiding you. Seeing a new room in your dream is actually a good sign to explore your strengths and work on the negativities that your subconscious mind is hinting at.

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